Anung Ite - Double face.
Two-faced God. Formerly Ite, wife of Tate. Also called Wakanka.

Anp - Day.
Has the qualities of light.

Can Oti - Tree dwellers.

Etu - Time.

Eya - The west wind.

Gnas - Demon.
Patron of plots. Masculine. Beautiful, alluring, cunning, and deceitful. Also disguised as Yuzan.

Han - Darkness. Has the qualities of darkness.

Han Hepiwi (or Win Wi) - Moon.
Feminine. Patroness of constancy, kinship, motherhood, all feminine things.

Heyoka - Alternate personality of Wakinyan.
Has power to combat harmful things, to destroy evil and nourish good and to promote abundance and growth.

Hunomp - Bear, Bear God.
Two legged. Made a lower God of Wisdom. This was necessary after Iktomi was made the trickster and forfeited his position as the higher God of Wisdom.

Ibom (or Iya) - Cyclone.
Delights in destruction

Iktomi - Trickster.
Clever. Causes discontent. Symbol of ultimate defiance. Formerly Ksa.

Inyan - Rock .
Domain is all rocks, mountains and high hills. First God. Solid. Color:Yellow.

Ite - Wife of Tate.

Iya - Eating monster.
Evil. Fights Ksa. Has a hunger food does not satisfy. Also called Ibom.

Ksa - Wisdom. Masculine.
Wise and amiable. Benefits and pleases all. Inventor of language. Counselor of the Gods.

Ksapela - Disguise used by Gnas to deceive the Pte people.

Maka - Earth, Earth Spirit, Earth Goddess.
Feminine. Domain is all lands except mountains and high hills. Patroness of sustenance, shelter. Protection, contentment, comfort, happiness. Petty, complaining, jealous, material. Color: Green.

Okaga - The south wind

Pte Oyate - Buffalo people.
Created by Skan to do the will of Wakan Tanka. Skan made them by taking something from all the Gods--Inyan: material for bones. Maka: flesh. Unk: blood. Wi: warmth. Tate: breath of life. Ksa: intelligence. Heyoka: power to produce offspring. Wi-win: love and longing for children.

Skan (or Nagi Tanka) - The sky.
He changes things. Supreme authority everywhere. Masculine. Supreme arbiter, spiritual, non-material. Color: Blue.

Tatanka - The Buffalo, the Buffalo God.

Tate - The wind.
Messenger of Skan. Permanent companion of Skan. Husband of Ite. Father of the four winds.

Tokapa - The first man.
Sent by Gods to teach mankind how to live. One of the Pte people.

Unk - Passion.
Domain is the waters. Beauty, passion, tension, vicious, excessive.

Wakanka - The old woman.

Wakinyan - The thunderbird, the winged one, thunderstorm.
Created by Inyan. Opposition and contrariness. Double natured. Angry, shapeless, terrifying to see. Two wings with many joints, huge talons but no legs or feet. No mouth but a huge beak with teeth that can tear anything. No throat, but a voice that is thunder. No head, but one eye whose glance is lightning. Anyone who sees him this way will act foolish or clownish. He uses the clouds as robes to hide himself.

Wazi - The wizard.
Also Waziya.

Wi (or Wi Akan) - The sun.
Above all realms, above the world. Masculine. Patron of bravery, constancy, fortitude, endurance, honesty, reliance, contests. Color: Red.

Wi Can - The stars.
Star people.

Wi Win (or Han Hepiwi) - The moon.
Feminine. Constancy, kinship, motherhood, feminine things.

Woohpe - The beautiful woman, the mediator.
Feminine. Goddess of amity, compassion, beauty and happiness. Has the powers of a Goddess. Moves among oppositions to create harmony.

Yanpa -The east wind.

Yata -The north wind.

Yum - The whirlwind, the God of love.

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